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Euro Shows Temporary Stability – Action Forex

The Euro’s recent stabilization against the US dollar, now hovering around 1.0766, may be short-lived. Market eyes are turning towards the upcoming two-day meeting of the US Federal Reserve, starting Tuesday and concluding late Wednesday. Key attention will be on the interest rate decision, widely anticipated to hold steady at 5.50% annually.

Investor focus is keenly set on the Fed’s potential moves for February and March, with speculation rife about a possible rate reduction by the end of Q1. Any hints or signals in this regard will be crucial for market dynamics.

Monday’s calendar is light, with no major statistics due from either the Eurozone or the US. The real action is expected to start Tuesday.

EUR/USD technical analysis

On the EUR/USD H4 chart, a decline impulse to 1.0804 has been observed. Currently, the market has formed a consolidation range around it. A downward wave to 1.0704 could develop today. This practically implies a breakout from the range downwards, opening the potential for further trend development towards 1.0594. This is the first target. Once the quotes reach it, a correction to 1.0800 might start, followed by a decline to 1.0400. This is a local target. Technically, this scenario is confirmed by the MACD, where its signal line is below zero, pointing strictly downwards.

On the EUR/USD H1 chart, the quotes have rebounded from 1.0805. A structure of a declining wave to 1.0705 is forming. After reaching this level, a correction link to 1.0760 cannot be ruled out (a test from below). Next, a decline to 1.0655 could follow. This is a local target. Technically, this scenario is confirmed by the Stochastic oscillator, with its signal line below 50 and a potential drop to 20.

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