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Moody's changes outlook on USA soverign ranking to negative, affirms Aaa-rating

Fitch and S&P have already downgraded the US and now Moody’s has taken a step in that direction. The credit ratings agency maintained the USA’s top Aaa rating but changed its outlook to ‘negative’.

  • Downside risks to the US’ fiscal strengths have increased and may no longer be fully offset by the sovereign unique credit strengths
  • Expects that the US’ fiscal deficits will remain very larger, significantly weakening debt affordability
  • Sees US debt affordability to decline further, steadily and significantly, to very weak levels vs other highly-rated sovereigns
  • Political polarization in Congres raises risk successive govt not able to reach consensus on plan to slow decline in debt affordability
  • US can carry a higher debt burden than other countries

The current US funding package goes until November 17 (next Friday) and I strongly suspect that will underscore some of the concerns from Moody’s.

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