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US CPI core down to 4%, lowest since Sep 2021

US CPI slowed from 3.7% yoy to 3.2% yoy in October, below expectation of 3.3% yoy. CPI core (less food and energy) fell from 4.1% yoy to 4.0% yoy, below expectation of being unchanged at 4.1% yoy. That’s the lowest core CPI reading since September 2021. Energy index was down -4.5% yoy. Food index was up 3.3% yoy.

For the month, CPI was flat at 0.0% mom, below expectation of 0.1% mom. CPI core rose 0.2% mom, below expectation of 0.3% mom. Energy index fell -2.5% mom. Food index rose 0.3% mom.

Full US CPI release here.

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